Tenants and medical marijuana: Rights and responsibilities

This article was originally published in the Summer 2018 issue of Landlord BC’s magazine called The Key.

With marijuana legalization on the near horizon, landlords need to be aware of their obligations under BC's Human Rights Code. There are situations where human rights laws may make it unlawful to end a tenancy because the tenant is growing or using marijuana in their unit.

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Childcare: A Human Rights Issue

Many BC parents will be familiar with the difficulties of accessing quality, affordable childcare in this province. Wait lists are long, costs are high, and there are simply not enough spaces for all the kids who need them.

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Creating Inclusive Workplaces through Accommodation

This article was originally published in Visions magazine, BC’s Mental Health and Addictions Journal.

Under Canadian human rights law, employers have an obligation to adjust workplace rules, policies and practices that have a negative impact on employees or job applicants with disabilities. In other words, employers have a duty to accommodate disability in the workplace. An employer’s failure to accommodate an employee or job applicant’s disability may result in a claim of discrimination under B.C.’s Human Rights Code.

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Accommodating right means accommodating rights!

This article was originally published in the Spring 2018 issue of Landlord BC’s magazine called The Key.

As landlords, you’re in the business of providing accommodations. You provide homes for all sorts of people every day – that’s your job, and you know it well. But did you know that when you’re providing rental accommodations to your tenants, you also have what’s known in human rights law as a “duty to accommodate”?

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