Selection Guidelines

Checklist for advocacy services - Federal Complaints:

  1. Does this case fit the legal definition of discrimination at all?
  2. Is the complaint credible?
  3. How substantive is the complaint? What is the likelihood of success?
  4. Is there a legitimate argument to make on the complainant’s behalf?
  5. Will the complaint assist in advancing human rights protections, addressing systemic discrimination and stemming individual complaints?
  6. Are we likely to further/increase the awards that complaints get, or trivialize them by taking on this case?
  7. Does this case require a substantial legal argument? (If yes, then we should take on the case as this represents a higher need for advocacy where an arguement is routine and likely to be adequately handled by the complainant).
  8. How capable is the client of dealing with this complaint on their own? (The less capable the more likely that our help is required).
  9. Do current resources enable us to increase our caseload?
  10. Is the complainant emotionally capable of going through the complaint advocacy process?

Note, not all ten criteria need to be met in all cases. These questions are intended as guidelines only.