Help For Employers - Small Businesses

This page is intended to assist employers and small businesses deal with human rights issues. Hopefully, the information provided herein will help you avoid a human rights complaint. If you are already involved in a human rights complaint then we hope to provide information that may assist you in understanding your options. 

Responding to a Complaint

If you want to defend yourself against a complaint and need answers to the who, what, how of defending yourself see Responding to a Complaint. This page will explain your options. You may have more than you think. You will also need to file a Response to Complaint Form.

Applying to Have the Case Dismissed

Do you want to understand the law around applying to have a case dismissed? Generally speaking you can only make one application to dismiss the complaint. If you intend to file an application to dismiss make sure that you have all the information that you need before making the application. Often times, unrepresented respondents will file an application to dismiss on grounds that rarely succeed, when filing under other grounds might be successful. When the application to dismiss fails they will seek legal advice, but by then it is too late as only one application to dismiss can be filed and the lawyer will have limited options. Before filing an application to dismiss, make sure you understand the law and your options.

What is the Tribunal and what is the BC Human Rights Clinic?

Confused about the difference between the BC Human Rights Tribunal and the BC Human Rights Coalition? We find that many people are so we have a drafted a chart to explain what each party does at each step in the process.

Visual Chart of the Process

This chart will show a simplified diagram of the Tribunal process and help you determine where you are in the stream.


Law on Applications to Dismiss

How to Conduct Internal Investigations

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Ministry of Justice (guide for employers)

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