Human Rights Videos

The following videos and audio files provide information about human rights in Canada and BC: The Audio files are intended for people who are blind or partially sighted and provides general human rights information along with information about for protections when using guide or service animals.

Webinar Recordings

Human Rights 101 - For Advocates & Service Providers

A 1 hour webinar introductory level course on human rights law for advocates and service providers who assist clients facing discrimination and human rights issues. Topics covered include an overview of the BC Human Rights Code and questions like what is discrimination and what does it look like? What are my client’s rights if they have a disability? What are the steps in a human rights complaint? And, what can the Human Rights Tribunal do about discrimination?

This webinar was hosted by Courthouse Libraries BC.


Human Rights 201 - For Advocates & Service Providers

This 1.5 hour webinar expands on the topics covered in the Human Rights 101 course. This course is aimed at advocates and service providers to help you assist clients facing discrimination and human rights issues. This will be a practical workshop covering the nuts and bolts of making a human rights complaint, navigating the BC Human Rights Tribunal’s website and forms, and providing guidance to clients wishing to make a human rights complaint.

This webinar was hosted by Courthouse Libraries BC.


Overview of Human Rights

Audio file with overview of human rights and how to determine jurisdiction

Areas of Protection

Discussion of when a person gets protection from discrimination

Grounds of Discrimination

Discussion of who gets protection from discrimination

Who May File and How to File a Complaint

Information on process to file a complaint

Guide and Service Dogs

Information on protections for persons with Guide or Service animals.



Human Rights in Canada

Learn about your basic human rights in Canada. Topics include your rights and freedoms, discrimination, and law that protect you.

Discrimination in the Workplace  

Discrimination often happens at work. This video tells you about how your rights are protected when you are working, as well as an employer's responsibilities.

Discrimination and Renting

If you rent an apartment or house, do you know how and why your landlord cannot discriminate against you? This video explains how you are protected when you are looking for a place to rent, and when you are renting.

Pregnant? You Have Rights

Pregnant women are often victims of discrimination. This video tells you how women's rights are protected if they are pregnant, were pregnant, or might get pregnant.

Making a Human Rights Complaint

Learn how to make a complaint by watching this video. Topics include how to get help in person, the complaint process, and how to prepare yourself.

Video for Employers